The Outer Banks is known for its beauty and, of course, water activities. Opportunities to play in and on the water abound. Even something as clear-cut as boating offers numerous ways to enjoy the experience. In this post, Kitty Hawk Watersports reviews three boat experiences to try on your next vacation: tiki boats, bumper boats, and private boat tours.

3 Boat Experiences To Try on Your Outer Banks Vacation

Tiki Boat Experience

Tiki boats are a great way to enjoy the water with family and friends. There is plenty of space on board for socializing, sunbathing, and enjoying the scenery. And, of course, you can take a dip in the water whenever you like.

The tiki boat comes complete with an onboard cooler, so you can keep drinks ice cold. You can also enjoy a hammock on the boat deck. Of course, it wouldn’t be a tiki boat without a tiki bar! Take your friends out on the water and enjoy adult beverages while you bask in the OBX sun.

Bumper Boat Experience

If you’re not looking for an adult-themed experience, bumper boats are perfect for families with young children. The kids can zip around the water, bumping into each other (and you) while they try to avoid the spraying water cannons. It’s all in good fun, and everyone gets soaked!

The bumper boats are also safe for young children. In fact, children as young as five can ride their own bumper boats. Have a blast bumping, splashing, and laughing with your family and loved ones with this fun activity.

Private Boat Tour

Interested in a private sunset cruise around the Roanoke Sound? For a more intimate experience, consider a private boat tour. This is perfect for couples or small groups who want to explore the Outer Banks at their own pace. The “Double Deuce” is a 30-foot pontoon that fits up to six people. Join Captain Jake as you watch the sunset and look for dolphins.

Private tours are one of the great boat experiences to try. You can also book jet ski tours, kayaks, and many other types of boat experiences. Go at your own pace and enjoy the company of your family and friends while you create Outer Banks memories that will last a lifetime.

Ready to Schedule Your Boat Experience?

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