The Outer Banks is not a place where Kooks and Pogues battle class wars and hunt for treasure. In fact, the show “Outer Banks” isn’t even filmed in the Outer Banks. Still, it piqued curiosity and increased travel to the area. Kitty Hawk Watersports welcomes all visitors and wants you to experience everything it offers. In fact, there are so many things to do in the Outer Banks that we had to limit our list to five. 

5 Things To Do on Outer Banks on Vacation

1. Beaches 

One of the most obvious places to visit in the Outer Banks is the beach. Many beaches line the barrier islands for more than 100 miles along the east coast of North Carolina. The northern beaches see more waves than the southern ones. Each beach has something different to offer. Some beaches are more expansive than others, some allow off-leash pets, and some are private—reserved for residents, their guests, and vacation renters. Nags Head, Duck Beach, and Kitty Hawk are all popular. 

2. Watersports

Speaking of Kitty Hawk, residents and visitors alike enjoy the watersports that ocean waves make possible. At Kitty Hawk Watersports, we offer just the rentals to make your watersports dreams come true. Rent a jet ski, kayak, or paddleboard, depending on how fast you like to traverse the waves. If you love surfing, you can rent a surfboard, too. 

3. Lighthouses

Two lighthouses are of particular interest in the Outer Banks. The Cape Hatteras Lighthouse sits along the Cape Hatteras Seashore, stretching for 70 miles. This lighthouse is the tallest traditional one in the U.S. In addition, you can enjoy plenty of wildlife and history in the place dubbed “the graveyard of the Atlantic.”

4. Roanoke Island

Have you ever heard of the lost colony of Roanoke? If not, you should. Well before the Pilgrims discovered Plymouth Rock, 117 people attempted to settle on Roanoke Island. John White, one of the settlers, sailed back to England to get more supplies, leaving his daughter, grandchild, and everyone else behind until his return. When he did return, not one person remained. To this day, what happened to the group remains a mystery. 

5. Tours

Tours are one of the most popular things to do in the Outer Banks. There is so much to see, do, and learn, and it is helpful to do that with a guide. Tour guides offer insight into wildlife, history, and the environment, ensuring you have a great time during the experience. Popular tours include sailing tours, dolphin tours, and other tours and trips

Cover All the Bases with Kitty Hawk

If you’re planning a trip to the Outer Banks and you’ve enjoyed our list of things to do here, we hope you’ll give us a try. Okay, maybe we can’t cover ALL the bases at Kitty Hawk Watersports. Still, we can help with tours, beaches, watersports, and other activities. Call (252) 441-2756 to reserve a rental today.