We all know there are sharks in the waters around the Outer Banks, we justs choose to ignore this fact.  It’s like worrying about the microscopic bugs that live in your eye lashes.  No harm, no foul.  But when you … Continued

Hurricane Sandy

It’s late October and we made it through the summer with no hurricane events . . . . until now. On the bright side we are usually shut down for business this time of year anyway so everything was already … Continued

The Leslie Swell

I’m a little ashamed I haven’t taken advantage of the swell that TS Leslie started. That’s the price of being a dad. Driving the kids to and from school cuts in to my productivity time, thus, leaving no free time … Continued

Low Tide

One odd trait regarding the Roanoke Sound is that it does not have lunar tides. However, when the wind blows very hard in one direction for a sustained period you’ll find either high or low levels depending upon the direction. … Continued