At Kitty Hawk Watersports, our business is so many things to so many people. It can be an emotional outlet, an adventure, a time to stretch boundaries, entertainment, or it can simply be play. Some people come out just to get away from the daily ho-hum, while some want to give their kids a new experience. Others come out for the excitement, and many customers just want to relax.  

Outer Banks Jet Ski Rentals

Entertainment for All Kinds of Customers

Over 23 years, I’ve met and spoken to thousands of customers.  For some, parasailing is an entirely new experience or something on their bucket list. Often, I hear how they have a fear of heights and want to deal with that fear.

Jet-skis are an adrenaline release for some people: a time to go really fast and not have to stay in a lane. Others ride jet-skis because it’s a quick and easy way to experience boating (and maybe have their kids share in the moment). 

Kayaking and sailing are quiet ways to relax on the water and commune with nature without the roar of a motor.

Paddleboarding may be a new skill to learn while also having a great, low-impact workout. Don’t worry, we won’t laugh too hard when you fall off, but we can’t help it if the general public whips out their cell phones to capture a particularly amusing spill.

When I first took over the bumper boats, I thought it was the hokiest activity ever. But here’s the thing (parents, listen carefully): kids love driving their own boat. Five year-olds are probably too small to ride a jet-ski, but let them drive their own bumper boat and they’re ecstatic. My biggest enjoyment with bumper boats is to see the smiles on people as they exit.

Seek Your Inner Child

I overheard a ten year-old a couple summers ago, after he came off of a jet-ski saying the ride was better than Fortnite (a video game, for those of you without kids). This is probably a typical kid who doesn’t get out and do adventurous things very often. It’s a reminder that we need to get outside and do something exciting once in a while, and that kids need to get out of their comfort zone and experience new things.  

Here’s the other thing, you’ve got to love the innocent honesty of a child. They’ll say exactly what they’re feeling. Maybe some people come to Kitty Hawk Watersports to try to experience that same innocence of being a kid in the summertime, playing in the water and having fun with friends.


Whatever your reason to get outside and get on the water, the team at Kitty Hawk Watersports wants you to be the hero of your vacation and we’ll work extremely hard to help you do just that. For more information, contact our office in Nags Head at (252) 441-2756 or make a reservation online today.

We hope to see you soon!

Best wishes,

John Van Lunen