Every now and then it’s good to be the stay at home dad. Yesterday was shaping up to be a good day. Weather was warming up, ocean temp was still decent (65), and there was still a small swell. Trying to stay active (read: keeping the winter fat at bay) and not having anything too pressing to do while my 4 year-old was at preschool I decided to go for a quick paddleboard. I drove down route 12 in Kitty Hawk looking for a gentle, outside break. I finally settled on an access at the Sea Kove motel. After paddling around for 15′ I finally caught a wave and for the first time was able to stay on the board, turn it around, and head back out without falling off.

I scored one more wave before I had to hop in the car and go get the preschooler. The funniest part is changing out of the wetsuit at the beach access next to Black Pelican and going to school smelling like the ocean.