This is my favorite time of the year on the Outer Banks. Ocean temps are still great, the stress of the season is no longer there, fishing is heating up, and there are plenty of family activities.

A week ago I visited the Hobie Wave regatta at Nor’banks Sailing and Duck and helped out on the committee boat. Of the three day event I was lucky enough to show up on the one “good” day. Friday had high winds and rain which led to boats dismasting and Sunday had high winds and rain, as well. Saturday was cool and cloudy but the winds were such to have good races at a crisp pace. No slogging around the course.

Racers came from Ohio, Raleigh, and South Carolina. I had a chance to talk to a few and they were incredibly nice.

Speaking of regattas, we’ll be hosting our first ever in Nags Head on Oct. 10 and 11. We’ve seen a lot of local interest and hopefully we’ll have a good turnout. For more information go to our web site.

Last night before the sun disappeared I went down to the ocean with a fishing rod. I was there only about 1/2 an hour and I caught one 10″ speckled trout. Not a keeper but still fun. That’s what I love about the Outer Banks, I fishing hack like me can have success while fishing.

Monday was another story. My remaining staff and I went fishing on one of our skiffs as a little get together. After fishing all day the only thing we had to show for it was a bunch of empty beer cans. Still a fun time to be with friends.

Hope to see you out on the water.