It’s late October and we made it through the summer with no hurricane events . . . . until now. On the bright side we are usually shut down for business this time of year anyway so everything was already out of the water. However, after learning a lesson from Hurricane Irene on how much the soundside can flood I decided to move all the boats out of the parking lot. I waited until the last minute just in case the hurricane winds didn’t amount to much. Fat chance. The winds have been blowing for days and with the ground saturated we could get a hard push of water from the soundside.

We got the boats out of the parking lot during a horizontal rain storm which kept us wet and cold. Pushing and pulling all those jet-skis around all day reminded me how out of shape I’m in. I’m feeling it the day after but now I don’t have to stay up at night worrying about the boats.

John Van Lunen