So I’m in the reading room (toilet) browsing through the June issue of Outside when I spot an article on vacation escapes for less than $500.  I always like to see what the magazines say about our local activities and I spot “Kiteboard the Outer Banks”.  As I read on I notice that the “Kittyhawk (sic) Kites Kiteboarding Resort” was an all-inclusive campus in Nags Head.

Really?!  Could someone give me directions because I know this area pretty well and I haven’t seen it on the beach road or the by-pass.

According to the blurb, the student will spend day two “testing out your new skills on 395 square miles of beginner-friendly Atlantic shallows accessible from your doorstep.”

Wait a tick.  The Atlantic has 395 square miles of shallows?  So I’ve been wasting my time placing my kids in water wings?  Then why do they call it the Devil’s Triangle?

Now that I’ve gone totally sarcastic on you let me mention the article’s title was “Get Lost:  For Less Than $500”.  I’m lost alright, and the cost per person for two days, food and lodging included, is $500.  I know that last one is a bit nit-picky but I couldn’t help it.

I think the person who wrote up the synopsis made some calls, talked to the wrong person, and then phoned it in to the editor.

On the flip side they had a do-it-yourself weekend adventure for surfing on Hatteras.  They mention getting a cabin at Frisco Woods, renting surfboards at Natural Art Surf Shop, and eating at The Hatterasman.

I think this guy was actually here.


The wind is blowing about 15-18 right now and we’re seeing a few windsurfers out between showers.