I’ve been in the watersports business since 1997. Therefore, I’m accustomed to walking in the water, helping customers get on a jet ski, floating the jet ski to the beach for fueling, etc. I often forget how simple our set-up is until I hear a customer say, “We have to walk in the water to get to our jet-ski?” Then I remember that, in some ways, our Kitty Hawk Watersports operations aren’t much different than those in a Third World country. Consequently, we decided to make some changes for the 2022 Outer Banks season, which I’m excited to share here. 

Kitty Hawk Watersports Improvements for the 2022 Outer Banks Season

Nags Head Location

I’ve worked at the Nags Head location for 15 years. I’ve seen the dock “shrink” and the beach “move.” Hurricanes occur annually, and a dock section may float away. Sometimes we reattach it, and sometimes we rebuild it. Often, sections end up deep in the wetlands, never to be seen again.

Until now.

2022 Outer Banks Season Re-Opening 

By the time we re-open for the 2022 season, you’ll be able to enjoy our operation from the comforts of a new pier that will extend 240-feet from the shoreline. The dock includes a floating dock for up to 10 jet skis. As a result, customers will be able to walk down the dock, hop on a jet ski, get a little push into the water, and then motor away. When you’re done, we will guide you back onto the floating dock where you can dismount, and we will refuel the jet skis where they sit.

New Pier, Better Access

The new pier will have concrete decking, which is exceptionally durable against high water and storms. The floating dock will secure to the fixed pier. We’ll give safety talks on the pier and let you exit and enter from the pier. In addition, we’ll be able to load the Tiki Barge from the end of our new pier.

We’ll still use the beach to store and launch Hobie Cats, kayaks, and paddleboards. There will also be times when we redirect large groups to the sand so they can wait without clogging up the pier.

Schedule Your Outer Banks Summer Trip

Many of our procedures are still in beta, but we will have worked out the details and have a very smooth and updated operation by the time you get here. We want your customer experience to be an excellent one. If you’re interested in booking a trip or tour, renting a watercraft, or scheduling an activity in the Outerbanks, call Kitty Hawk at (252) 441-2756.

We look forward to seeing you this summer.