After a 16 day Christmas break with the kids, then a full two weeks of school what’s the most logical thing to do? Have a five day holiday, of course. What was the school board thinking with that one? If they were trying to save money on heat they nailed it.

Because of our proximity to the ocean we don’t get very much snow. The thing about getting snow here is that it requires quite the weather system to kick something off. This means it usually blows like stink when it snows. I actually found a snowdrift 6 inches deep! And since there was no school and an inauguration to watch on TV not many people were on the road. I stopped by the post office and it was so empty I wondered if they were closed.

After playing outside with the kids yesterday I went to the business to pick up some things and make sure nothing had blown away. While I was there I took a couple of pics. Besides the oddity I figured we could look at them in the middle of August to try and cool off.

Now it’s a day later, the snow is still on the ground, and my bride is at work. Unfortunately, my truck won’t start and I’m stuck inside with two of my three kids. That’s okay, we have a work truck I can use. Wait, that one won’t start either. No problem, there’s always the Bronco. Crap! That one’s not budging either. I’m afraid my vehicles are a little like me, they creak a lot and they don’t like cold weather.

Stay warm.