As we roll in to the peak of the season I think our staff is outstanding.  My emphasis on hiring this winter was based on enthusiasm and we nailed it.  The crew is upbeat with each other as well as the customers.  We’re getting lots of compliments and big tips which tell us we’re doing something right.  We may not always get things right but if you give us a chance to fix it we’ll do our best.


On Tuesday I pulled in to the parking lot around 1:00 pm and saw a 6 point buck running along the highway.  I parked the truck, grabbed the camera, and went towards the road to see if he’d pop out for a photo but I think he ran across the highway and ducked in to an undeveloped lot.  I was pretty surprised because there are not a lot of wooded areas near us.


Fishing has been very good on the Outer Banks lately.  One of our customers from Baltimore rented a kayak and spent the afternoon fishing the islands on the Roanoke Sound.  He came back with two big fish; a drum and a speckled trout.  That same week my friend Chip caught a 27″ drum off of Martin’s Point.  Two weeks ago my friend Daryl Law took his daughter, Lauren, to a kid’s fishing tournament on one of the local piers and she snagged a winner just before time expired.  Finally, a friend of mine helped an older gentleman reel in a Cobia that was at least 50″ on to one of the fishing piers. Makes me want to wet a hook.


We received the coolest skateboards you’ve ever seen.  They’re called Hamboards and their made in Huntington Beach, CA.  These boards are 6’6″ long and are shaped just like a surfboard.  They’re made of bamboo and look great.  I’m not even a big skateboarder and I love cruising around on it.  Everyone that sees it is pretty impressed.  I can’t keep my 10 year-old off of it.

Come by and check it out.  We rent and sell.

Cheers and have a great day.