Our new windsurfing instructor is in town and hit the ground running with her first lesson which received great comments from her students.  Sharon Lowrance is from Cocoa Beach, FL and has years of experience. Like me she wants to increase the enthusiam for windsurfing.

Thursday and Friday had good winds (15+) but not many people were getting on the water.  I guess everyone had to work.


Fleet 32 is having a regatta this weekend in Virginia Beach. We’ll be displaying our 2009 Hobie 16 for sale.  Some interesting features for the new Hobie 16:  it now comes standard with EPO rudder blades, the tramp lace line is smaller diameter, and the righting line is static, not bungee.  The rudders are great, not sure about the lace lines, and the righting line appears to be a way to cut expenses.

I’ve had a few out-of-town Hobie parts orders and I’m glad to take on the new customers.  Hopefully, we can keep you guys happy and on the water.  John in VT, hang in there.  Summer is just a few weeks away.


I know I shouldn’t complain about traffic but everything’s relative.  I know on the DC beltway if you’re not going 10 mph above the speed limit you’re a liability. Around here you can stuck behind someone going 10 mph BELOW the speed limit and when you finally get the chance to pass them while going the speed limit it’s as if they were standing still.