I really enjoy parasailing. I’m not just saying that to sell tickets, it’s a really cool activity. I would call it a “once-in-a-lifetime” activity. As in, you should at least experience it once. I’m lucky enough to have done it several times. Full disclosure: I get a little anxiety when flying in an airplane, but being tethered to a boat attached to a parachute over the water is no problem.

Parasailing Tour

Times Have Changed

I first parasailed in 1983 over the South River in Maryland. Back then, the launching of a parasail lacked the engineering and mechanics it does today, and I was a teenager living in blissful ignorance. The act of parasailing in the early ‘80s required you to run down a dock while dragging a huge parachute held up by two guys. Then, the motor boat hit the throttle and literally dragged me (toe nails scraping) the rest of the way down the dock and face-first into the river. By some miracle, I was lifted out of the water by the parachute and got altitude. When I was done, the captain merely slowed the boat down and dropped me in the water. He circled around, fished me out, and I lived to see another day.

The industry has come a long way since then. Now, customers take off and land on the boat with very little drama, and rarely get wet unless they request a dip.  

Parasailing FAQ

That said, here are some of our most frequently asked questions:

Will I be eaten by sharks?

Sharks will not jump out of the water to eat you. Just in case, make sure your friends videotape the event, because if we see a shark jump out to get you it’s going to be an epic post on social media.

How crazy is the ride?

It’s not a roller coaster. Think of being suspended by a really high swing. This swing is regulated by a governing body, has a lot of extra safety features, and is held aloft is by a person with government certification. No big deal.

How high should I go?

The thrill of parasailing is the same at any height, but the view gets better the higher you fly. Think of Icarus. Wait, bad analogy. 

What if I can’t swim?

To take a line from the great movie Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, recall the scene when Sundance tells Butch he doesn’t want to jump from a cliff into the river because he can’t swim. Butch laughs and says, “Hell, the fall will probably kill you!”

Just kidding, every flyer wears a personal floatation device.

What if it starts raining while we are out there?

We’ll get wet and we’ll stop parasailing.

What should I wear?


Seriously, you’ll have a harness around your waist and legs so you’ll want to wear something comfortable you can move around in. Then again, semi-formal could make for a great photo.

Will I get wet?

You will be on a boat surrounded by water. Anything is possible.

Do you parasail in hurricanes?

Get out of here. Next question.

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