One of the well-kept secrets on the Outer Banks is our birthday parties for children.  For some reason the locals haven’t found us out.  We’ve had several parties here and everyone has a great time.  Even the parents compliment us on how much fun they are. 

For starters, we put the child’s name on the marquee, wishing them a happy birthday.  It’s not Broadway but it’s worth a picture.  The activities begin with the bumper boats and with the pool filled with kids the same age they scream with excitement.  Then we have some kind of water war on the lawn which is followed with cake in the sail loft.  After we open presents we find a treasure map that has been left behind by a pirate and we lead them on a hunt which ends up on our soundside beach.  The best part is that we marked the treasure with a painted “X” on the sand and when they open the box they find their goodie bags.

I think the ideal age is about 5 years-old.  But kids turning 4 and kids up to 8 years-old have a great time as well.

Another great birthday party idea is our dolphin tour boat.  Last year when our daughter turned 10 we chartered the boat for a sunset tour and invited all the friends.  Captain Crockett will let you bring food on board and they’ll even let you decorate the boat.  It’s a very relaxing and enjoyable trip for kids and adults.