Are you traveling to the Outer Banks and want to try something new? Parasailing is one of our most popular activities at Kitty Hawk Watersports, but you may not know what to expect on a parasail flight. We can help you along on the ride.


How Does It Work?

First, parasailing is NOT a roller coaster ride. There are no fast ascents or descents, and it requires almost no instruction or skill by the participant. It is, however, a thrilling ride of floating up to 400 feet above the water under a parachute canopy while enjoying spectacular views.

We take up to 12 people out on a 31-foot boat. The participants wear life jackets and harnesses specifically designed for parasailing. We inflate the chute off the back of the boat and bring customers back to clip them to the yoke of the parachute. Flyers can go in singles, doubles, or triples, and we fly one parachute/flight at a time.

The captain uses a winch that controls a line that’s payed out. More line means more altitude. Wind speed and boat speed can also dictate more lift, which in turn, creates more altitude. All flights are 10 to 12 minutes long, from the time you take off the deck of the boat to when your feet touch down.

When the crew has flown everyone on the boat, the chute is deflated, and the boat returns to the dock to drop off the high-flyers and picks up the next group of thrill seekers.

Create Happy Memories Parasailing

An Experienced and Friendly Crew

A good parasail captain is a highly experienced individual who takes your safety very seriously. He/she will not fly unless the conditions are conducive to flight. To do so in poor conditions could risk an accident and the loss of his/her credentials.

Additionally, in the same way we prefer a doctor with a good “bedside manner,” we appreciate a captain and mate who help us relax and have a fun time. Although experience, skill-set, and safety are of utmost importance, a friendly crew with a positive attitude goes a long way in making the adventure an absolute success.

Safety and Service

Stepping on a parasail boat that looks dirty and unkempt immediately raises a yellow flag. When the captain and mate can’t take care of their boat, can they maintain the parasail equipment (chutes, harnesses, line, bar, winch, etc.)? If they’re not putting money into the personal flotation devices, are they skimping in other areas as well?

If a boat is not running on time, it simply means we are caring for our customers. An excursion includes more than just going out and coming back and timeliness shouldn’t be a deal-breaker. Every trip is a little different because each flyer is different, and the weather and water almost never stay the same. Sometimes chutes need to be changed out, customers need to be moved around, or the previous customers showed up late. If the captain brings all the customers back safely and everyone had a good time, then the trip was a success.

Parasailing is what we do because we love it. We take great pride in doing it professionally and safely. We enjoy seeing the thrill of a first-time parasailer land on the boat with a big smile. It’s our goal to make sure the experience is a positive one for all who step on our boat. Our reviews reflect that service.

Do you want to take flight with Kitty Hawk Watersports? Contact us online to book your parasailing excursion, or call us at 252-441-2756. We will help you soar to new heights in the Outer Banks.