We got some new toys in and I was able to test one out today in the ocean.  Starboard makes an SUP called the Big Easy.  It’s 12′ long and designed for big riders who want to easily drop in on some knee high waves.  Describes me to a T.

I had to run some morning errands and on the way home I stopped by MP 5.5, aka, the laundra-mats.  It was pretty flat but I figured that was good to get my sea legs on a new board.  After paddling around for 15′ I decided to try and catch a swell.  I had no idea what to expect and figured I’d wind up in the water.  Talk about truth in advertising, I caught the wave with ease.  Then the next one, and the next one.  It wasn’t an epic day but I couldn’t belived how easy it was to catch a wave and have a lot of fun.  By the way, visibility was great. 

After a little work around the house we took the family to the beach and, of course, I had to try again.  Although the on-shore winds made things a bit choppy I was still able to catch a few waves.  I still need to work on the steering but that should come with more time on the water.  It’s the price I’ll have to pay.