We’ve experienced some nice days recently on the Outer Banks and it’s actually been killing me to choose what to do. Should I catch up on paperwork? Nah. Should I go surfing with the pulled muscle in my back? Maybe. Should I go for a bike ride and take it easy on the back muscle? Maybe. Should I plan to go striper fishing on Friday at Mann’s Harbor Bridge because the fishing report says they’re slayin’ ’em there? Good chance.

It’s been a long time since I’ve caught a striped bass and with my kids having Friday off from school it might be a good time to take them out there and give it a try. Besides, for every person on the boat we can keep 2 fish. But the kids have other redeeming qualities as well, just give me some more time to think of them.

I rode by Lillian St. access in Kitty Hawk on Tuesday and it was fairly packed due to the good swell. Lots of funboards catching some long rollers.

We had a big blow come through on Saturday and Sunday. When the wind stopped the ocean settled down and left behind a nice swell. It was pretty sloppy on Monday and peaked out nicely on Tuesday. By Wednesday it appeared to be mostly gone.

In other news, I was checking out http://www.kahunacreations.com/ to look at some of their products. I sell their Big Sticks, which is a tool to use your skateboard like a land paddleboard. When I went to their Facebook page I noticed they had pictures of Matthew McConaughey using one with his skateboard. Pretty cool.