Had a great day today (12/28) at MP 16 in Nags Head.  Air temp. was 70 and the water seemed to be heating up by the minute.  I was out there on an Ezzy Freeride 6.5.  When I hit the water around 1:00 the wind didn’t have much punch and I sank my RRD 133L z-ride so I switched to my Longrider.  After 3 tacks the wind picked up and I switched back to the z-ride.  Wind was a little squirrely but I got in a few good runs.  Wore nothing but a 3/2 wetsuit.  No booties, no gloves.  And when I got off the water I was walking around shirtless it was so nice.

There were a few others out there.  I counted 6 kiteboarders and another windsurfer.  There were two other kiteboarders up north behind Nags Head Village. 

A great day to be on the water.  I would have stayed until sundown but my bride wanted to get on the water too.  She wound up paddling a kayak in Southern Shores.

I used the opportunity to use my helmet cam to catch some video.  Not very exciting because the view doesn’t change much and to film other subjects you need to be right on top of them.  Back to the drawing board.

Hope to see you out there next time.