JetPaks & Flyboards

Experience the newest form of flight on the Outer Banks … the Flyboard!! This adventure combines the sensation of a hovercraft with jet propulsion from a jet ski. You’ll literally have water blasting from underneath your feet with this exhilarating experience. Participants at Kitty Hawk Watersports must have basic swimming abilities and be able to tread water! Whether you want to learn to fly the JetPak or a Flyboard, our lessons will get your heart pumping and your adrenaline racing. Lessons range from 15 – 45 minutes in duration (plan for 1-2 hours depending on the size of your group). Participants/flyers will be transported by jet ski to a stable pontoon boat called the Launchpad to start the activity with instruction.

Each participant that signs up for Beginner JetPak Flight Lesson gets to fly until they’re tired! (usually around 30 minutes). Participants take turns operating the Jetlev R200 apparatus under the supervision of the flight crew. This exciting experience is the perfect adventure for the thrill-seekers in your group!

Fly Boards Outer Banks

Demo Lesson (20 minutes)


6 people


2-5 people


1 person

Beginner Lesson (30+ minutes)
Flyboard AND Jetpack


4+ people


2-3 people


1 person

If you just want to try the JetPak out, try the Demo Lesson. You’ll get a basic feel of it, but if you really want to get the full experience we recommend the Beginner JetPak Lesson. If you’ve got a large group, the Demo Lesson is definitely an economical way to go. Participants must have basic swimming abilities and be able to tread water.

The JetPak is powered by a Yamaha Jet Ski. Your instructor will have control of the throttle during your lesson to ensure that you get just the right amount of thrust to fly you higher or allow you to simply hover over the water.