The Outer Banks is full of fun and unique water adventures you can enjoy. You can rent a stand-up paddleboard and cruise the shore. You can see the water and beach from a whole new perspective by parasailing from up high. However, one of our favorite ways to have fun in the Outer Banks is to try out a banana boat tour with our crew at Kitty Hawk Watersports.

Banana Boat TourWhat is a banana boat?

You may be scratching your head, wondering what exactly IS a banana boat. Well, it’s not too complicated. A banana boat is a long yellow tube that fits up to five people. The tube gets pulled by one of our boats as the passengers settle in for a fun and bouncy ride along the coast.

Why choose a banana boat tour?

The name in and of itself implies a good time—and you’d be right. Many people enjoy banana boats because they’re a fun and unique way to enjoy the water. You hold on tight and enjoy each bump, wave, twist, and turn. It’s great for a group activity, but you can also opt to join another group for banana boat fun.

How do I join a tour?

At Kitty Hawk Watersports, we make the rental process simple. All you have to do is contact us at our Nags Head, NC, location at (252) 441-2756, or make a reservation online. We’ll talk you through your tour options and help you find just the right one.

Kitty Hawk Watersports is the Outer Banks’ premier rental company. In addition to our banana boat tours, we also offer a number of rentals, including jet skis, sailboats, surfboards, kayaks, and more. Check out all the fun you can have with Kitty Hawk Watersports, and give us a call today.


photo credit: public domain via pixabay