There’s something special about the air on the Outer Banks. The Wright brothers felt it when they lifted off on their first flight, and now anyone can soar to historic heights on a parasailing adventure with Kitty Hawk Watersports. Call us at (252) 441-2756 to learn more about what could be the literal high point of your visit.

Parasailing Outer Banks

Flight 1







Outer Banks Parasailing

Flight 2







Parasailing in Outer Banks North Carolina

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Parasailing Options

Take flight and choose from the best parasailing options in the area.

Choose a Flight

  • Flight 1: “Hey, I’m flying! This isn’t so scary.”
  • Flight 2: “Cool! I wish we could go higher.”
  • Flight 3: “I can see everything! The parasail boat looks so small from here.”

Pick a parasailing capacity

  • Single: Enjoy the freedom of flying solo.
  • Double: Ask a friend or family member to join the fun.
  • Triple: Share the adventure with two members of your group.

All flights are 10-12 minutes long.

Our parasail boat is approved by the Coast Guard to carry up to 12 passengers.

Only one parachute goes up at a time. Each flight can hold 1, 2, or 3 people, depending on their body weight. We need at least 150 lbs. under the chute to keep it from swinging in the wind. We also can’t fly more than 400 lbs. combined. More than that and we might not be able to get the flyers off of the deck.

Each parasail trip can take up to four flights. We’ll take out a group, take turns flying everyone, then return to the dock for the next group.

The higher you go, the better the view gets.

All watersports activities carry some risk. That said, our parasailing captain is licensed by the U.S. Coast Guard and is required to participate in random drug testing. Our insurance company requires the captain to prove experience and show mastery of the skills needed to safely operate a parasail boat. In addition, the captain has been trained on how to handle events should something go wrong.

You will be on a boat surrounded by water. There’s a reasonable chance you’ll get wet. There’s a maneuver where the captain can slowly dip you in the water. Most people like to experience this. If you don’t want to be dipped you should let the captain know before launching.

Yes. We offer two options. One option is that our mate can take about 20 photos of your flight and save them to an SD card, and you get to keep the SD card. The other option is we loan you a GoPro on a stick. You take the GoPro with you while you fly. It’s a cool way to share with others what the view is like from up there. Again, you get to keep the SD card.

Outer Banks Parasailing Takes Off

Imagine the thrill of seeing the beautiful Nags Head and Manteo areas while parasailing hundreds of feet in the air. Parasailing gives you the quiet thrill of floating through the air while being tethered to a boat built specifically for this activity. Our professional crew will launch you from the boat and bring you back on while requiring very little instruction. Be sure to ask about our picture package so you’ll have a reminder of the smile on your face.

*Note: parasail boat launches from a marina in Manteo.

Ready to Take Flight? Click or Call (252) 441-2756

More Than Just Parasailing

Parasailing is not the only thing we do at Kitty Hawk Watersports, but we also can accommodate visitors looking for something with a little less altitude. Our equipment rental options run the gamut from jet skis to pontoon boats, kayaks, banana boats, to surfboards to stand-up paddleboards. And don’t forget to ask us about our other specialties, including:


At Kitty Hawk Watersports we want to share our enthusiasm for the Outer Banks and its many amenities with visitors, and parasailing is an awe-inspiring way to take it all in at one time. Come soar with us by calling (252) 441-2756 or book online now.