Outer Banks PaddleboardingThe paddle board—otherwise known as a stand up paddle board, or SUP—is a relatively new phenomenon in the watersport world. Despite being new to the scene, many of our Kitty Hawk Watersports customers are already catching the paddle-board excitement! We think you will too.

The Ins and Outs of SUPs

An SUP is best described as a combination of a surfboard and kayak. The rider stands on the board and then gently glides through the water with the use of a paddle. A paddle board, however, is made of thicker material than a surfboard, which makes it more stable, allowing the rider to move through the water with ease.

The Paddle Board Experience

Just think of what you can do on a paddle board from Kitty Hawk Watersports. You can paddle your way along the Outer Banks, gliding along as you enjoy the sun and surf. Enjoy the shore from a new perspective. As you people watch, you may not even notice you’re getting a bit of exercise.

Our paddle-board rentals are great for all ages and all fitness levels. We’ve seen everyone from kids to adults try their hand at an SUP and fall in love. You don’t even need previous SUP experience before you book an SUP rental. However, if you would prefer to have paddle-board lessons, we have those too.

Reserve Your SUP

Still curious about our paddle-board rentals? Contact Kitty Hawk Watersports at (252) 441-2756. We will gladly answer your questions and help you make a reservation. You can also book online anytime.

In addition to our paddle boards, we carry a wide range of watersport rentals, including jet skis, kayaks, surfboards, sailboats, and more. We even have parasailing! Let us make your Outer Banks experience filled with lots of watersport fun from beginning to end.

photo credit: MAS_2398.jpg via photopin (license)