I met my future wife in Buffalo. The connection we made was through windsurfing. I was shocked to find a pretty lady in Buffalo who knew how to windsurf. I’m still not sure how I impressed her, and for some reason she didn’t disqualify me.

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A Summer of Bliss

We had a summer off because we were both educators, so we decided to go somewhere for a working vacation of windsurfing. I had been to the Outer Banks before and knew it was a prime spot. I got a job as a windsurfing instructor, and Bonnie got a job waiting tables.

Spending a summer on the Outer Banks was glorious. Eventually, we had to get back to our careers. I remember driving away toward our next destination, but getting one last peek of the ocean in my rear view mirror. I thought to myself, “I need to figure out how to get back to this place.”

Taking the Plunge

Three years later we found ourselves closing on a house in Southern Shores, and we’ve been here for the last 22 years. I can tell you from experience that the Outer Banks will get in your blood. I’m not the first one. Several of my employees have come here from somewhere else, had the Kool Aid (and probably a few other drinks), and stuck around.  

The Good Life

I’ve met many young people who have spurned their college degrees to find work in non-traditional settings. Most of us here have come to the realization that quality of life supersedes chasing the big paycheck. Yeah, we could make more money in a big city; but is it worth fighting traffic, dealing with crime (or is it “dealing with traffic and fighting crime”?), and stress?

I’ve also seen young families relocate here to provide a better setting for raising a family. I couldn’t agree more.

Finally, I’ve heard multiple stories of retirees relocating after vacationing here for years. Once again, this place got under their skin and they had to come back.

You’ve been warned. If you spend time here you may never want to leave.  If you do come here, whatever you do, don’t try paddle boarding.  

Get Out on the Water

For a real taste of life on the Outer Banks, visit Kitty Hawk Watersports. We offer jet ski rentals, kayak tours, and so much more. For more information, contact us at (252) 441-2756.

Best Wishes,

John Van Lunen