If you are traveling to the Outer Banks, North Carolina, for your next vacation, you finally have a chance to mark parasailing off your bucket list. Whether you are planning to take to the skies solo or with friends and family, with Kitty Hawk Watersports, it’s an experience you’ll never forget. Here are a few tips to plan for your parasailing adventure. 

Parasailing Nags Head

What to Expect

Parasailing, also known as paraskiing or parakiting, is when a person is towed behind a boat over the water using a specially-designed parachute. You can choose a solo experience, or take to the skies with one or two other riders. Each flight is 10-12 minutes long and gives you an awe-inspiring view of the water, coast, and sky.  

Parasailing Is Safe and Fun

Parasailing has been around for a long time, so safety features have been tested over and over again. Although you will be soaring through the air, you are tethered to the boat at all times. Our professionals strap you in using a harness that fits snugly to your body. There’s no need to have any particular skills, just a desire to soar over the ocean and see beautiful sights. 

It’s Not Like A Rollercoaster

Some worry that the parasailing experience will feel overwhelming. Fortunately, those people are worried for nothing. Trust us. The ride is peaceful and not at all fast-paced like a roller coaster. It’s one of the few experiences that give you a feeling of floating. If you’re nervous, take a deep breath, let go, and enjoy the ride. You will gradually ascend hundreds of feet in the air and experience the peace and quiet of flight.

If you are planning your next parasailing adventure for the Outer Banks, North Carolina, call Kitty Hawk Watersports at (252) 441-2756 and book a tour now. We also offer jet ski tours, SUP rentals, boat rentals, and more. Don’t wait another moment to book your parasailing tour. Your fun awaits!