Although I’m just as cynical as ever about the Redskins I find the reporting and fan reaction from last Sunday’s game to be excessive.  One topic that nobody wants to drop is their effectiveness in the redzone.  The Redskins are an average running team at best.  They haven’t been able to punch it in from the redzone since Joe Jacoby played for them.  So now you have to take that out of the equation which leaves you with throwing the ball.  Since you don’t have a great big target to look for the Redskins are forced to out-wit the other team.  This is why Joe Gibbs ran the bootleg alot down there when he coached last. 

Everybody’s brow beating Jim Zorn and his play calling.  I saw a team last Sunday that marched up and down the field converting crucial 3rd downs.  There were two touchdown passes dropped in the end zone.  How is that bad play calling?  If the score ended 17-7 or 21-7 would we still be hearing all of this?  You take away three plays from last Sunday; the two dropped TD passes and Steven Jackson’s long run, and you could say the Redskins dominated the game.

Rick Maese of the Washington Post stated that Sunday’s game was a “lackluster” performance.  Really?!  Was it that dull?  Was there a lack of effort?  I saw the defense trying to seek and destroy the ball carrier.  When Steven Jackson broke his long run I saw a bunch of guys taking off to go catch him.  And they did.  Had this been a lackluster team you would have seen the Redskins jogging.  Instead, the defense is looking to create more turnovers. 

Another thing I’m tired of is all the media asking, assuming, and/or stating that the Redskins and their coach are on the hotseat.  After two games and a .500 record.  They’re not that talented!  I wish they were a lot better but they’re not.  Who’s fault it that?  Management.  Creating a negative environment is only going to divide the team.

Jim Zorn still needs to prove to me he’s a winning coach.  I say let this season run its course and see what happens.  The only time it pays to dump a coach mid-season is when the coach has lost the locker room and you have someone on staff who can fill the void.  Otherwise, wait until the end.

As an aside, Robert Henson is an idiot and here’s the big beef I have with him.  When you talk condecendingly about McDonalds’ employees your saying that because of your career or how much money you make you’re a better person than someone who makes less money.  He needs to learn that his job and salary have nothing to do with character and the quality of the person.  We all found out last Sunday what kind of person he is.