ParasailingThe last few weeks of summer are upon us, but that doesn’t mean we have to just sigh, shrug our shoulders, and say, “Well, maybe next year…” You can still end summer well with Kitty Hawk Watersports of Nags Head, NC. In fact, we can help you go out on a high note with these exciting water adventures.

1. Fly high about the Outer Banks.

If you’ve never tried parasailing, now is the time! You can fly high above the water, being pulled along by one of our staff members manning a watercraft. The fun part is that you can go alone or bring a friend or two.

2. Have fun together on a banana boat.

A banana boat is a fun, 15-minute ride on a flotation device that looks like (you guessed it!) a giant banana. A banana boat fits up to five people. (For even more intense fun, consider tubing with up to three of your friends or family members.)

3. Cruise the coast on a jet ski.

Many people love jet skiing because it combines two of their favorite things: speed and water fun. You can rent a jet ski anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour—a great break from beach lounging.

4. Take an SUP lesson.

All summer, you’ve been watching paddle boarders glide up and down the beach. You’ve been intrigued but afraid that you might be the one person who just can’t stay up. Ease your fears and have fun by taking paddleboarding lessons from us!

5. Explore wildlife on a kayak tour.

In addition to kayak rentals, we also have kayak tours that take groups down the Alligator River, through a salt marsh, or even through the Kitty Hawk Woods Coastal Reserve. You can explore the diverse nature right here in North Carolina while also enjoying a day of kayaking.

Want to find out more about these fun watersport adventures? Contact Kitty Hawk Watersports today at (252) 441-2756, or make a reservation online.


photo credit: Parasailing a via photopin (license)