Well, we’ve pulled the boats out of the water in Nags Head and started the winterizing process. At Nor’banks in Duck we still have boats ready if needed and we’ll milk that a little until November at the latest. The only thing we have going in Nags Head is windsurfing.

Last winter I was sweating bullets over the economy and how it would affect the summer business. We wound up being down a little but nothing hugely signficant. I read in Consumer Reports that vacations were the one thing the general population would actually spend more on now that they’ve reprioritized their finances. Hard to pinpoint the thinking behind that.

We had a very good staff this season which makes it more enjoyable for everyone. The key phrase for a business owner like myself is “no drama”. Just give me a group of people that show up to work everyday with a good attitude and give an honest effort. We’ll get them up to speed with the rest.

Back to windsurfing, over the next year I’m going to further our interest with more equipment and greater exposure. The bottom line is, we’re located in a great windsurfing spot where you don’t have to take your equipment elsewhere to rig it. We have it rigged for you. My goal is to get some of the people who regularly head south to Hatteras Island to slow down and try us.

In other news, stay tuned for a very exciting anouncement for the spring of 2010. It will bring more adventures to our site in Nags Head.