So my wife and I see that Dennis Anderson’s (Grave Digger monster truck) is having carnival rides at his Muddy Motor Sports Park and we think, hey, why not take the kids and get them out of the house. I quickly realize I can’t afford to do this often. I night at the movies would have been a lot cheaper. But the kids are stoked and, luckily, this doesn’t come around often. Bonnie and I are content doing some people watching. I’m still not sure who’s more entertaining, the carnies (they smell like cabbage) or the locals.

After taking out a small loan to get the kids on the rides we venture over to the mud pit to watch the “race” cars. Honestly, the races were the best part of the night.

Bonnie appeared to be a genius to choose an early arrival and departure because when the sun went down the biggest mosquitoes I’ve ever seen came out and tried to carry me away. We got out just in time.